A Complete Team in One Company

More and more organizations are seeing the benefit of having combined public relations and marketing teams working on their behalf. With PR professionals who can help grow your company’s brand reputation and image, working with marketing experts who can develop audience-grabbing campaigns using digital, social and traditional media, we create and execute powerful plans and campaigns that deliver on our promise; helping you Rise Above the Rest! This gives us an advantage over single-purpose agencies and allows us to laser-focus our combined efforts on your target markets for maximum impact and results.

Ropert and Partners works in a collaborative approach, building our teams of senior-level practitioners to meet your needs, ensuring that you have the right people working toward your success.


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Who are the people you want to reach? How well do you know them? Using our Sixth Sense PR model, we learn as much about your current and prospective target audience as we do about you. With that information, we build your custom plan using strategies that will connect with them. We'll create the messages your audience wants to hear and use the best communication platforms to reach them. 

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Every day, we're bombarded with thousands of messages across the many media platforms we use. Rising above the noise and being heard takes strategies that ensure consistency of delivery to the places where your audience looks and listens for it. Whether that's digital, social or traditional media, at special events or places they frequent - and most likely a blend of them all -  we develop identity and messaging that adapts across multiple platforms while retaining the "look & feel" that is your brand.

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Social media can seem overwhelming and many organizations don't know where to start when it comes to finding the right platforms and effectively communicating with their audiences. But make no mistake, in today's world you need a social media marketing strategy!

Our team of social media experts not only keep up on the ever-evolving social media landscape, they also know how to optimize each platform for search and advertising effectiveness. We'll deliver content to your target audience through the social media they use, and utilize the latest technology to constantly monitor and analyze traffic and trends, gauge the effectiveness of your messaging, and adapt to any changes, in real time.

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Legislation, policies and rules and regulations in local, state and federal governments can affect your organization or impact those you serve. Oftentimes, it requires both strong relationships and many voices to either support or oppose a body of law and achieve the desired result. 

Ropert and Partners has years of experience in legislative advocacy and can help your business or organization develop an effective campaign, or be the voice that represents your important cause. 

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You have a business plan, a marketing plan, a fundraising plan; why don’t you have a crisis plan, one that takes into account the myriad things that could go wrong and the steps you’ll take to remedy the situations? Those other plans are useless if you don’t have a business or organization in which to apply them. 

There isn't one business, organization or association that is immune to crisis! It can happen in the blink of an eye and if you're not prepared to address it, the results can be anything from disruptive and temporary, to catastrophic and permanent. We'll build a crisis communication plan that addresses a variety of critical issues and regularly test that plan with your team through simulated crisis scenarios.

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Public Speaking and Media Interview Training

Confidently speaking in front of an audience or responding to a reporter's questions is a skill that can reap huge rewards. Ensure that your team can take the stage and communicate your message effectively. We have experienced speakers, veteran reporters and videographers who can help you gain the confidence to address a group of one or one thousand.