Rise Above!
Learn. Do. Get Results!

You own a professional service business. You need more clients.

We can help!

To be successful, you must continuously stay in front of your audiences. But you may not know how to build and implement effective public relations and marketing plans. Nor do you have the resources to hire a designated PR/marketing employee or retain an independent firm.

While there’s never “enough time” to conduct PR and marketing activities at the level you’d like, there is enough time to execute proven and successful strategies, if you have the knowledge and tools.

You can Rise Above the Noise!

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I’m Geo Ropert, APR, a nationally-accredited and award-winning public relations and marketing expert, and founder of Ropert and Partners Public Relations & Marketing Communications.

I know what it’s like to own a small business; I’ve owned several in both the professional service and retail industries. We spend a lot of time managing our business and servicing our clients, but we often don’t excel at the two things that will help us grow and stay in business: public relations and marketing!

Getting to the top isn’t easy - staying there is even harder!

That’s why my partners and I developed Rise Above! a small-group, hands-on "learning and doing" experience designed to help you gain knowledge and develop skills to successfully market your business.

This isn't a toe-dipping, one-and-done, "maybe I'll learn a thing or two" seminar. This is 7 weeks of comprehensive, individualized education!

We're sharing the cumulative knowledge and expertise we’ve gained in decades of working in the fields of public relations and marketing communications. You'll know what we know to grow your brand and your business! 

In Rise Above! you'll learn how to develop and implement effective but uncomplicated PR and Marketing plans and campaigns that will:

•    Grow greater awareness of your business!

•    Acquire and retain more clients!

Imagine having an entire PR and Marketing team by your side!
(but not on your payroll)


Step-by-step we’ll work with you through the development of your individualized PR and Marketing plan, helping you identify goals, objectives, strategies and tactics that will serve as your road map to success.

Together, we’ll focus on key areas that bring your plan to life and that you’ll use to grow your business, including:

•    Branding – Building strong, positive personal and organizational identities that set your business apart from others;

•    Target Audiences – Identifying  your ideal client and the right media, and how to build relationships with each;

•    Content Creation – Power bios, press releases, blogs, articles, photos and videos that get attention;

•    Digital Marketing – Proven digital and social media strategies to reach audiences and get them to act; and

•    Networking Skills - In-person and online - Relationship building at its best!

As I said, Rise Above! is a “hands on” learning experience. You won't be sitting back, watching prerecorded webinars and videos, or listening to podcasts. You’ll be engaged and fully immersed as we complete:

•    A detailed brand and marketing assessment of your business to identify your needs, strengths and challenges.

•    Eight live learning webinars.

•    Eight one-on-one consulting sessions to help you complete each component of your PR and Marketing strategies.

•    Weekly “homework” that will draw on the skills you’re learning.

Plus, you'll have access to all webinars, templates and guides during and after the program, including updates and new content as they're added. We'll also have a community page where you can post questions, share information, get to know your classmates, and get support from our team. 

When you complete Rise Above! you’ll have everything you need, including:

•    An easy-to-implement PR and Marketing plan that you can refine as your business grows.

•    A Power Bio that makes people want to do business with you.

•    Press releases, blogs and other content you can use to promote your business and yourself.

•    A strong social media presence on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract your ideal clients.

"I have a small business. Just how much is this going to cost?"

Glad you asked! We’ve made this program affordable, providing for a great return on your investment!

Rise Above! including your business brand and marketing assessment, PR and Marketing Plan development, live training, personal consulting, educational materials, templates and tools is valued at over $10,000 but we want to support our small business community.

A deposit of $500 will hold one of 12 exclusive seats to Rise Above! and the remaining balance is paid over the course of the program, in three additional payments of $499.

We believe that’s a very fair price but we want to be sure we make it worth your investment, so we’re also including special bonuses. Along with your exclusive seat in Rise Above! you’ll also get:

•    "Six Essentials of Your Press Kit" An additional online course package that will help you get limitless free publicity on radio and TV, in print and online! Value: $500

•    Four additional hours of consulting to use whenever you need, for whatever you want - no expiration date. Get help writing a blog, improve your social media presence or discuss ideas for a new marketing campaign. Value: $600

•    "The Big Black Book of Rock-Solid Guest Blogging Targets" A listing of online publications, including contact information for writers and editors, and instructions for submitting guests blogs, posts and articles. Publications cover a variety of sectors and include Forbes, The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Mashable, Harvard Business Review and several special interest publications. Value: Priceless!

All Rise Above! participants will also have access to additional or ongoing consulting and support services, and new learning programs, as they're offered, at special rates.

Registration is open to only 12 individuals! This allows us the time to provide dedicated, personal consulting and support to each participant.

Don’t wait, Rise Above! begins Tuesday, October 17!