Public Affairs and Advocacy

Legislation, policies and rules and regulations in local, state and federal governments can affect your organization or impact those you serve. Oftentimes, it requires both strong relationships and many voices to either support or oppose a body of law and achieve the desired result. 

Ropert and Partners has years of experience in legislative advocacy and can help your business or organization develop an effective campaign, or be the voice that represents your important cause. It includes establishing and maintaining positive relationships with elected leadership, understanding how the legislative process of the elected body works, and crafting messaging that has impact and gets noticed.

We can also help you organize grass-roots campaigns by identifying and engaging leaders, convening community members and building relationships with members of the media who can support your cause.

If you don't believe in the "power of the people" you haven't seen an effective advocacy campaign in action. Let us show you how you can make change happen in your community!