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Hi, I’m Geo Ropert and I founded Ropert and Partners to provide businesses with all the communication tools and talent they need to grow and succeed.
It’s my belief that public relations and marketing complement each other in the promotion of your company and the products and services you sell. The two share a common end goal; increasing sales!
We integrate public and personal relations to grow your brand’s image and reputation, and incorporate customer-catching marketing strategies that will help you increase leads and close more sales. Plus, we help you keep your hard-won customers and clients and turn them into your biggest fans!
And we have the team to do it!
These are experienced, client-driven professionals; experts in public relations, digital marketing, advertising, web development, video production, and analytics. We work together to not only build but execute plans and campaigns that will get you results.
This collaborative model allows us to ensure your messaging is clear, concise and most of all, heard and understood, across all of your communication channels. You don’t have to worry if “PR is talking to Marketing,” or if anyone in sales is paying attention to what your audience is saying. We’re working together to ensure you have seamless, two-way communication with the media and people that matter to you.
I’d be honored to speak with you and discuss how Ropert and Partners can be Your Partner in success. Give me a call at (321) 205-3155 or email me: Geo@RopertAndPartners.com and let’s talk!
In the meantime, take a look around and see what we do. I think you’ll like it here!


To Be Successful Today
You Have To Rise Above The Noise!

Every business and organization wants to be heard. You're no different!

You have a great story to tell. It's about your products or services, the experiences you create, or what you do to make the world a better place. Let us help you tell that story to the people who need to hear it, in ways and in places that will get their attention. Let us help you Rise Above the Noise!

Your Brand Isn't Just Your Logo.
And PR Isn't Just A Press Release!

Your brand reflects more than your business and its products or services. It's who you are as an organization, what you do and most importantly, what you represent. Your brand is your reputation!

Public Relations is all about "Personal Relations." PR builds your unique brand - and in turn your business - by using multiple channels of communication to create and grow trusted relationships with the people that you want as customers or supporters.

Ropert and Partners provide you with public relations and marketing strategies custom built for your business or organization. Our goal is to help you stand out from the crowd and earn your audience's attention, support and most importantly, their business!